Brad Armstrong

Brad Armstrong

Brad Armstrong

He is award-winning porn director, Jenna Jamison ex-husband and Jessica Drake’s current husband, but he is also a porn actor, known as one of the most popular leading men in the sex industry. He’s been in the business for more than 20 years, first as an actor, but the he signed for Wicked Pictures and started his career as a film director, which turned out to be a great choice. Since signing with Wicked, Brad Armstrong has filmed many top-selling movies, such as Flashpoint X, Conquest and Dreamquest, which have received many awards. When a new gold rush in porn started, and porn directors started making successful porn parodies of American classic TV shows and movies, Armstrong decided to join the club and direct parodies himself. Hi hasn’t filmed many of those, but his Spartacus and Men In Black were really good parodies.

Personal life and career

Brad Armstrong is an alias for Rodney Hopkins, a pornographic actor and award-winning director. He was born 23 September 1965 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Brad majored in commercial art and advertising, but while still in college he decided what he wanted to do after graduation. He was a male stripper in Canada, where he met Erica Boyer (late old-school porn star). She invited Brad to US and he did three movies, but those were B movies and not worth mentioning. But then he met Dyanna Lauren, they became a couple and they also worked together for a while. They did their first movie (“Check Mate”) just as Vivid was about to sign Lauren, and that’s how Brad got into business. It was a pretty good start for him, but then he got even luckier, when he met Steve Ornstein, the Wicked Pictures President. He explained Ornstein that he was “an up and coming director” working for Vivid, and after couple of meetings he got his first movie for Wicked.

Brad Armstrong e jessica drake

Brad Armstrong & Jessica Drake

Since then he’s been loyal to Wicked Pictures and haven’t done scenes for other studios. His movies with Jenna Jamison were huge hits, like Flashpoint X, Dreamquest and Conquest, which brought him many accolades. He’s also had remarkable success with his movies featuring his current wife Jessica Drake, such as Fluff and Foldhis first comedy which was nominated for 11 AVN awards, Manhunters, 2040 and many others. Some of his recent ventures are: Octomom Home Alone, Sexpionage: The Drake Chronicles and Underworld, both featuring Jessica Drake, and Asa gets Wicked, with a porn star and newcomer to Wicked Asa Akira.  Brad Armstrong hasn’t done many parodies, but his blockbuster Men in Black: A Hardcore Parody was pretty good and became “an instant classic”. In 2012, the parody of a classic from 70s “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” called Rocki Whore Picture Show: A Hardcore Parody brought him the AVN awards for Best Director – Parody and Best Screenplay – Parody.

He hasn’t directed many true parodies so far, but he’s done Spartacus, Underworld and some others, which are more focused on script and good sex, than parodying the mainstream counterpart.

Brad’s quotes

“That’s originally why I started this (career as a director), to make things better and tell a story. And if you are going to tell a story, make it worthwhile, as opposed to whatever you can cram into a day.”

“Myself, I hate Hi-Def. It’s exactly what porno doesn’t need. We are trying to create this fantasy of the perfect woman and when you can see every pimple, every blemish, every this and every that you are now making the fantasy a little harder to create.”

On how did he pick out a stage name: “Telephone book. Random page for both first and last name. Brad Armstrong won out above Steve Steele. Which I am very happy with.”


Brad proved over the years that each movie of his is “a perfect combination of a great script, hot sex and good suspense”. There are dramas, comedies, thrillers, SF and parodies directed or written by Brad Armstrong and they are all (more or less) worth watching. He always knows to pick a crew for a movie, so there are always major porn stars featuring his movies, such as: Jenna Jamison, Jessica Drake, Alektra Blue, Stormy Daniels and others. You can feel free to leave a comment about this author.

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